A handful of great reads on the blogosphere right now if you are an aspiring writer or just care about the state of the book industry.

Let’s start with Dean Wesley Smith relating the recent report that 45 of the 300 6-figure book deals were for self-published works!

The best read of the week, however, goes to Elle Casey, who discusses the state of the publishing industry with an agent. It is one of the great reads on the subject of publishing right now. I liken it to a buggy-whip maker scratching their head and listening to Henry Ford go on and on about some strange new invention of his. The essence of a shifting tide is seen right here, folks. A must-read.

Finally, Anne R. Allen discusses the bizarre world of book reviews. Everything about this post screams the need for all of us to review the works we read. The only way to drown out the noise is with a chorus of honest voices. Making this difficult is the new policy whereby authors can’t review books. That’s a bind when more and more readers are becoming authors!

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