So many incredible mentions and developments this week, I don’t know where to begin! THIRD SHIFT is completely written. It’s in the hands of editors and betas, and will be out before the end of the month. I’ll get working on DUST tomorrow and hope to have that moving along nicely, so keep an eye on the progress bar!

WOOL was reviewed in the Guardian ahead of its UK release. That’s the British equivalent of the New York Times. A true honor and thrill (should that be honour?)

Here’s an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald that’s pretty cool.

I’m this month’s reading selection for one of the best Goodreads book groups of all-time! Check out their review, join the group, and get in on the discussion! I’ll be checking in on the thread starting tomorrow and twice daily.

The Hollywood News interviewed me. Unless you’re sick of hearing what I think, check it out right here.

What else? Oh, Dublin has been added to the UK tour. That’s exciting. And I’m leaving on Tuesday to go to Digital Book World in NYC and then off to LA for a week to discuss film stuff. :) This means signed books won’t be going out for at least two weeks. I’ll catch up when I get back. I’ll also be slow to respond to emails, Facebook, Twitter and the like. The next few months are going to be wonkish like this. Bear with me!

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