Heh. A soon as I typed “Legitimacy,” M.C. Hammer’s hit single got stuck in my head. That’ll be playing for the duration of this post. Kinda annoying.

I’m not too legit to quit, though. In fact, I never set out to be legit. I started out by writing an adventure story that *I* wanted to read. I stuck with that story because my wife got to reading along as I went, and she wanted to know how it all ended. So I kept writing in order to show her.

When I was done, I had an adventure starring this Molly Fyde character that I figured wasn’t all that bad. All I cared about at that point was convincing other people to read it. So I sent the .doc file to family members and friends. My cousin Lisa Robinson fell in love with the story and wanted a sequel. Friends of mine from an online forum said they enjoyed the work as much as anything they’d picked up in bookstores. One of these forum denizens was Lisa Kelly-Wilson, who also happened to be an editor. She wrote me after reading that rough draft to explain how wary she was of anyone who suddenly announces “I’ve written a novel.” And then she said it was good. Really good. I had a hard time believing her (a struggle that persists to this day).

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