I just finished The Prophet of Bones by Ted Kosmatka. Oh, my. This guy can write. Just about every paragraph has one of those sentences you want to read over and over to squeeze all the goodness out. The science in the story is amazing. There’s an “alternate Earth” setup that I won’t ruin, because it’s revealed in such a sublime manner.

Just read the damn thing. It comes out April 2nd. There’ll be a film; I can feel it.

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Amazon’s acquisition of Goodreads is getting quite a bit of press right now. I was called a few hours before the announcement and told that it was coming. The first thing that blurted out of my mouth was: “This is like finding out my mom is marrying that cool dude next door that I’ve been palling around with.” The person on the other end of the line laughed and asked if they could use that in the press release. I typed up a version and included it was.

I understand that there will be a lot of hand-wringing over the acquisition. To many, Amazon is an evil corporation hellbent on destroying the world. They have made these intentions clear by paying authors a shitload and fighting to lower the price of books for readers. I think we can all agree that authors and readers are scum, and this preferential treatment on the part of Amazon should be looked at with complete distrust.

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One last event tonight in Miami, Florida, and then it’s straight for my bed. I hope to see a nice crowd at Books & Books here in Coral Gables. Amber and Bella will be in attendance, a very rare treat for me. The talk starts at 8:00, but I’ll be there early just to revel in the area’s best bookstore.

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Two new stories in the Wooliverse are available today. The first is by Patrice Fitzgerald entitled The Sky Used to be Blue. It’s only 99 cents and tells the story of Karma, who readers of SHIFT should be familiar with.

The other is The Last Prayer by Lyn Perry, which is free for a limited time. Lyn delves into the religion at the heart of the silo, which is often all that holds the tenuous world together.

I have only sampled both of these works, but I was blown away by what I read of both. Like The Runner, these may be better than the source material. Both Lyn and Patrice are serious writers with other works to their credit. For a dollar, you’d be crazy not to grab both!

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My German publisher is doing all kinds of giveaways. Check out this Facebook page. You can use the built-in translator and enter for a chance to win cool stuff.

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Only two stops left on this wild book tour, and I’m really looking forward to both. In Charleston, I’ll see my mother, sister, and dear friends. I’ll also be visiting the B&N I used to work in while attending college and speaking at the B&N my mother used to run in West Ashley.

Miami will wrap up the tour at the main Books & Books location. Get this: Dogs are allowed! Which means Bella will be in attendance (My wife, too). And then a couple weeks at home to ship out signed copies of books and do some writing!

Come see me on Monday, the 25th at the West Ashley B&N at 7:00.

On Tuesday, the 26th, I’ll be at Books & Books in Coral Gables at 8:00.

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I’m on a panel tonight at the Virginia Festival of the Book. On the panel with me will be Kim Harrison, which means there should be a few people in attendance. Very excited. If you’re in the area, come and see us! It’s at 6:00 at the Central JMRL Library, 201 E Market Street.


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It was pure and awesome coincidence that the US release of WOOL coincided with the German release of SILO. Both hit store shelves on March 12th. The day after hearing that WOOL made the NYT lists, I hear from my German publisher that Silo will debut at #25 on their hardback bestseller list. Very happy for a publisher who took a chance on my work and went all-out with the release.

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Absolutely amazing. You crazy cats have made WOOL a New York Times Bestseller once again. The book hit four of the lists:

#8 on NYT Paperback Fiction list
#32 on NYT Hardcover Fiction list
#16 on NYT Hardcover + Paperback combined
#27 on ebook list

This is despite Barnes & Noble choosing not to support the book (a book written by a former employee). The hardback list is also surprising considering most places aren’t giving readers the choice between the two. Which means your demand and support made this happen, not booksellers, not publishers, and not me. That’s damn amazing.

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A full house at Books Inc. last night. Thanks so much to everyone for coming out!

Tonight from 7-9 I’ll be at Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle (on 11th Ave.) And then it’s back to the East Coast!

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So, last summer, I received a message on Goodreads from the wife of a fan. It was an unusual request. She was hoping I could send her a signed photograph or some kind of momento for her husband. In the body of her message, she said that she hadn’t seen her husband such a huge fan of someone since he discovered Neil Degrasse Tyson.

What a coincidence! I had just met Neil at a function Gizmodo put together in New York. I had a picture of the two of us. Why don’t I sign that pic and send it along?

But then — as is my wont — my thoughts got nuttier. What if I could get Neil to sign the photograph as well?

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