An incredible story on Slate this weekend. You can read it here. It’s amazing to have this sort of coverage ahead of the hardback and paperback release, which is less than 10 days away!

I wonder if any stores will break street date and shelve them early. We were guilty of this at my bookstore. It was awesome to see a reader pass by our displays and realize the book they were waiting on was out a day or two before it was due. Those are the readers who tear through a story and go on to tell others about it. I’m sure publishers would be miffed to hear the number of books we sold ahead of time — but then you think of the goodwill and PR this lends, and I think it’s easy to justify.

Over and over again when trying to sort out what to do in this topsy-turvy industry, I find that the best decision always comes down to pleasing the reader. Satisfy your customer. What’s so revolutionary about that?

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