So, I used to work in a bookstore, and one of the things my manager and I used to agonize over was how many copies of a book to order for a signing. The danger is you’ll run out. The fear is you’ll order too many and have to pay to ship them back. This conundrum has serious consequences for those attending the event.

If you are coming to one of my twelve stops to see me, you face a bit of a choice. Do you order the book ahead of time and bring it with you? This guarantees you have a copy, but the bookstore loses the sale. Or do you chance them having enough in order to support the bookstore? What if they run out?

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One week from today, WOOL should be in bookstores near you. Another cover idea that missed the cut:

I love this one. So haunting. I’m thinking this one and the one from yesterday need to be printed out and hung up in my office. On the ceiling, probably, as I’ve run out of space on the walls.

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