My dad used to pretend to count down toward ripping a bandaid off or yanking a splinter out, and then he’d just do it immediately. I’m not going to let this spoil my blog countdown, but there has already been a WOOL sighting in the wild! This from a reader who spotted WOOL in a Books a Million. Can anyone else spot the rookie mistake? If you have enough books that the combined spine width exceeds the front cover width, you always front out.


One copy went home with the person who took the shot. There are six left. This is in Wilmington on Oleander Dr. if you’re in the area. (I would throw myself before my publisher before I watched anyone get in trouble for breaking street date, so I’m trusting it’s okay to out the location).

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Six days from release, and I thought I would share some fears and observations from my time spent shelving books and also from this past week of seeing my book on store shelves in the UK. The gist of this post is “discoverability,” a trending buzz word in the book biz. Discoverability is a measure of a book’s prominence. It’s all about how to get a reader to stumble upon your work. And it scares the daylights out of everyone.

At any one moment in time, there is only one book selling the way we all dream of our books selling. I first noticed this while working in a bookstore. Working backward chronologically, it might look something like: Gone Girl, Game of Thrones, 50 Shades of Grey, Hunger Games, Steig Larson, Twilight, Dan Brown, Harry Potter. Like the fossil record, this misses a few specimens, I’m sure. And James Patterson is the amazing constant across it all. But the observation from my desk on the bookstore floor was that customers walked through the door with a single book in mind, and poor Charlie Huston never stood a chance.

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