My wife is always right. And now she’ll have a link on the internet to point to next time I argue otherwise.

There was once an offensive post here. When my wife read it, she laughed, and then she told me people were going to be offended by it. I should have listened to her and modified the post. I didn’t. It upset a lot of people.

I apologized for the post and decided to leave it up. I didn’t want to run or hide from the mistake I made. Then I called my wife, who is currently on the other side of the globe from me, had a good cry, and listened to her advice.

She said I should take the post down. That it would be like leaving a hateful symbol up after you know people are offended by it. I’m sure there is a version out there for those who want to seek it out.

Again, I’m sorry. This is not who I am. I’m just glad I have a strong woman behind me to remind me of that and help me make good decisions.

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How sweet is this?

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