The Silo Series

Wool Omnibus


Silo Series Book 1
The world outside has grown unkind and talk of it forbidden. A story of mankind clawing for survival.



Silo Series Book 2
Mankind brings about its downfall and forgets it ever happened.



Silo Series Book 3
WOOL introduced the silo. SHIFT told the story of its making. DUST will chronicle its undoing.

Molly Fyde Books


Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue

The Bern Saga Book 1

Molly Fyde and the Land of Light

Molly Fyde and the Land of Light

The Bern Saga Book 2

Bl of B Final Front 400

Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billions

The Bern Saga Book 3

Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace

Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace

The Bern Saga Book 4


Cover 317

Half Way Home

Five hundred of us were sent to colonize this planet. Only fifty or so survived.

Short Stories - Free to Read

Boys (G)

Deconstructing the Humanization of Delphi IV (PG)

by Molly Fyde

Dragging Anchor – A True Story (R)

by Hugh C. Howey

WHILE (u > i) i- -; (PG-13)

by Hugh C. Howey

Mouth Breathers (PG)

by Hugh C. Howey

The Automated Ones (R)

by Hugh C. Howey

Nothing Goes to Waste (PG-13)

by Hugh C. Howey