A dozen or so South Africans stand on the same quadrant of the traffic circle that leads out of St. Francis Bay towards Humansdorp. There’s a small rain shelter nearby. It looks like a bus stop, but there are no buses here in St. Francis Bay. There is no public transportation at all. There are just… more


In addition to giving you an update on the boat’s progress, I thought I’d show you what my typical day is like here in St. Francis Bay, South Africa. It starts when I wake up to this. It’s the view from my bed at Sands Resort in St. Francis Bay. The service here is remarkable. Hot… more


I landed in South Africa today after a long series of flights from San Francisco. As soon as I got in my rental car, I drove straight to the boat yard in St. Francis Bay. With my camera in hand, I walked through the boat for the first time in twelve weeks. We are probably… more


The latest pics of Wayfinder as she heads into the last two months of construction. A lot of the interior is under wraps to protect it while systems go in. These pics are from about two weeks ago. In another two weeks, I’ll be standing inside the boat again, taking video, which I’ll upload for you… more


As much as I love writing fiction (and don’t worry, I’m not going to stop), these are the books I’ve always dreamed of writing. Literally. Before I wrote my first novel, I daydreamed about taking everything I was learning about myself, and all the nonfiction reading I do, and distilling it down into digestible bits… more


Some new pics from the yard, mostly showing the galley. The countertops are in, and she’s really coming together! This is the bar, which is right below the TV. The top shelf that’s slid out to the right with all the holes is where the glasses go. Beneath that, you can see two rows for… more


Welcome to St. Francis Marine! In the heart of St. Francis Bay, at the southern tip of South Africa, one of the best cruising catamarans in the world is built right here. The yard is brilliantly laid out. I’ve been to a half-dozen boat yards over the years, and this one has been refined over twenty years… more


I’m in St. Francis Bay South Africa to check in on Wayfinder. Even anticipating how it might feel, I wasn’t prepared for the emotional reaction to seeing the boat in person. It was overwhelming. The boat looks amazing, and the town of St. Francis and its environs is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen… more


I seriously teared up seeing this. The hull comes out of the mold and is joined to the deck. I fly out a week from today to see the boat in person. Surreal. more


I’ve had various friends and family members inquire about the power supplied on a sailing boat like Wayfinder. My dad (who will accompany me on the delivery cruise from South Africa to Florida) wondered if we’d have AC power on the boat, or just 12V DC. How does a microwave work at sea? My mom wanted… more