I am hooked on paddleboarding. If you’ve never done it, it might seem strange, seeing people standing on large surfboards, rowing while standing*. But the advantages over kayaks are enormous. Now, I’ve kayaked for years. I love kayaking, both down rivers and in oceans. In oceans, though, paddleboards are so much better. You can paddle… more


Fiberglass was a revelation for the boating industry. Prior to this, boats were made of wood, metal, or ferrocement. All had drawbacks. Metal rusts; wood rots and leaks; and ferrocement is tricky to work with (and suffers from an unfair reputation in the States, affecting resale value). Fiberglass is basically a woven mat of plastics… more


No two St. Francis 50s are alike. Not only are they tweaked to the specifications of each owner, the builder makes their own refinements with every hull. Duncan and George spend a lot of time on the boats they build — sailing them, using them, owning them. They love their boats, but they are never satisfied. Each… more


There is no such thing as a perfect boat. Every choice is a compromise. What I love about the St. Francis is that you even have choices. These are semi-custom boats, in that the hull molds are reused and structural bulkheads can’t be changed, but everything else is up to you and what you are willing… more


Three different boat shows. Countless hours on websites. A flood of emails from boat builders, calls from brokers, visits to yards where various catamarans are manufactured. And we kept coming back to the same boat, over and over. There is no such thing as a perfect boat. Each model has a feature you love and is missing… more


We spent one week every summer at a family beach house in North Carolina. All I could think about on the interminable drive to the sea was the small SunFish sailboat sitting in the garage of that house. Kicking off my shirt and shoes as soon as we arrived, I would drag the small boat… more