My “other” little short story is free today and tomorrow. THE PLAGIARIST is about a young college English professor who spends his spare time jacked in to artificial worlds where he steals their literature. It was written for a science fiction class I was taking at the time, and the main character is my loving… more


I had a huge break last Friday when Boing Boing reviewed the Wool series. The Omnibus Edition raced up to the top of science fiction (yeah, it hit #1, marching past George R.R. Martin who shouldn’t even be on that list!). It has now spent four days in the top 100 of the entire Kindle… more


That’s right, I’m working on my memoirs. Why? I have no idea. It starts with a “Prelude,” which was the name of the yacht I was working on at the time. This is the first time I’ve set down the details of this particular day. I’m copying and pasting what I just wrote because I’m… more


Mr. Howey, I just finished Molly book four and decided I needed to run through a chunk of your website, just to see what’s going on. I didn’t read in depth, just really browsed, but the Darkness Deep thing snagged me hard… more Molly, but so little information on it–none as far as I can… more


All kinds of my Kindle books are free today. And remember: you don’t need a Kindle to read them. Any smartphone, PC, or Mac will do. WOOL 1 is free right here. WOOL 2 is right here. And here’s WOOL 3. Oh, and guess what? Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue is free as well.… more


Here it is, to celebrate 200 Amazon reviews for WOOL: more


How many NYC fans do I have? Do both of you want to meet up in the city next week? My sister and I are going to be up for a while. Maybe you could meet us somewhere and do a little Time Warp to celebrate 200 mostly good reviews for WOOL. Edit: The Meet-Up… more


When I was five, seat belts were optional. Heck, children safety seats were optional. Kids crawled through moving vehicles like they were portable playgrounds: Over the backs of seats we went, bouncing and laughing, trading places and squealing, parents yelling at us to sit still while they adjusted rearview mirrors. In the years of my… more


Not a silo, but an inverse-pyramid. Are they really going to build this thing? Looks amazing. Two videos my wife found. Sorry for how they overlap the side panel: more


I’m dying to throw the rough draft of the first chapter up here. Would that be bad form? And it’s still looking like late March before it’s ready. more