If you ordered a signed copy over the weekend, it went into the mail today. The guys at the post office now know me by name. I almost couldn’t carry everything in a single load. I’ve changed one thing with the signed copies. There’s now a link above each book once you go to the… more


Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a novel. Weighing in at over 57,000 words, this should be enough WOOL to cover you from your chin to your toes. Any hesitation with charging more is gone; I worked my butt silly on this manuscript. It’s gonna be a steal at $2.99 (and there’s a PayPal button… more


Well, I’ve been putting this off for a long time, so it felt good to start tackling the odious task of updating the Kindle editions of the Molly books. It all started with an email from a fan pointing out a typo or two. This set me off on what I hoped would be a… more


Joining me for this Saturday stitch and bitch is the up and coming writer Robert Brumm. Robert is the author of DESOLATE, available on Kindle, and WINDIGO SOUL, which you can sample for free on his website. Robert positively exudes talent, and I’m convinced he’s going to be mega-famous one day. (Which is why I’m buddying up to… more


First of all, let me assure you that the WOOL series is at LEAST forty years from making it to the big or small screen. It’ll wait until I’m dead and gone, I’m sure. So this is just a fun fantasy in light of recent contacts regarding media rights. Yeah, you read that correctly. I’ve… more


I understand that my website is horrible for logging in and commenting. When the writing gets slower, I’ll look into updating things and smoothing out the forums. If you have any complaints or are currently unable to log in and comment at all, please detail your difficulties and grievances below. more


Wow. Talk about a crazy writing schedule. For the last two weeks or so, I’ve been getting up at 4, sometimes 3 in the morning to start writing. I’ve been writing on my lunch breaks, writing when I get home from work, all to get the awesomeness that is WOOL 5 out of my head… more


. . . and not cut out to be, I don’t think. So here’s when you know you aren’t famous: It’s when you start getting fan emails and tweets and you have to read every single one to your wife. Twice. It’s when you’re geeking out more from receiving the email than your “fan” probably… more


In part one, I told you about my spooky October, when book sales crept up on me, and I began losing sleep over their eventual plummet and gruesome end. Then I regaled you with my chilling November, where the Fall should surely have come to return me to ignoble obscurity. And now this little trilogy of gut-spilling… more


No, she’s not in prison again, or anything like that. (Don’t you love how she’s always ending up in the slammer somewhere, or strapped to a gurney? Or does anyone pick up on my themes? Is it just me? It’s probably just me.) Molly doesn’t need your help, she just needs to be read! The… more