Just received the yearly kick-off email from NaNo’s director. Thought I’d post it up here so those of you who have never participated can get an idea of what we go through and what our schedule is like. ______________________________________ Greetings, writer! Whether this is your first, fifth, or thirteenth NaNoWriMo, it’s always helpful to have… more


Last night was a blast! The Tin Roof in West Ashley invited me down to celebrate the fourth Molly book (the last in the Bern Saga). I mixed it up a little bit this time. After my awesome sister introduced me, I played some of the funny promotional clips I put together way back when… more


I met my wife almost ten years ago, back when she was completing her doctoral degree in psychology. We were both living in Florida. I was working on boats, she was going to classes, we were both ardent students of human behavior. Most of my learning came from books and observation. She had the same… more


October is here! And with the gorgeous Fall colors of the Appalachian mountains comes a yearly tradition: The sudden indecision that precedes National Novel Writing Month. Shortened to NaNoWriMo, this is a glorious month to be a writer. It’s the marathon we look forward to and somewhat dread for the other eleven months. The goal… more


Pun intended. more


I recently spent a few hours with a young Molly Fyde fan, chatting about the series, the characters, and the young man’s love of boats and fishing. He also took the time to show me a small wooden model spaceship, on which he had written, “Parsona.” And there was a small bearded dragon lizard in… more


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The proof is in-hand. Now it’s time for some final tweaks before this baby is ready for your eyes. more


Waking up in darkness is not like waking up at all. It is a move from dream to dream, a lateral shift from unknowning to confusion. For me, it was a birth into nightmare. It is everywhere dark about my being. I cannot see, cannot feel. I become aware of me without sensing myself, my environment.… more


I’m reading a ton of negativity these days. Peak oil, population growth, dire predictions, doom and gloom. Here’s a mind game for these people to ponder: if you were presented with a time machine that would take you back to any year you chose, but you had no control of who you would be or… more