SPOILER ALERT! DON’T READ THESE RETROSPECTIVES UNLESS YOU’VE FINISHED THE BERN SAGA. There are a ton of themes in the four books comprising the Bern Saga, but two of them stand above the rest. The first is the use of cycles, of repeated actions, of going ’round and ’round even as things change. The second… more


Welcome to the first of what I hope to be two dozen or so retrospectives on the Bern Saga. If you haven’t read the series, some of these discussions are best avoided. There will be spoilers galore. For those of you who have read all four books, I believe you’ll enjoy hearing my thoughts on… more


Awesome night of writing and sharing at the public library. A local group of NaNo participants met for food, fun, writing, and reading. I was blown away by the talent and dedication in the group. One of the young ladies was working on her fourth novel and wrote 4,000 words in the four hours that… more


National Novel Writing Month begins in two hours! While many NaNo’ers will stay up until midnight and begin hammering out their novels, I’ll be going to bed and getting an early rise. The goal for tomorrow is 3,000 words, which is gonna be difficult. I work from 9 to 5, so I’m hoping a 6… more


We’re a measly three days from the termination of October and the dawn of another National Novel Writing Month. I guess it’s time to start narrowing down which book I’m going to write. There’s INVARIABLE, the story of a young girl raised like a lab rat by a cold, calculating father who was kicked out… more


Wowsers. It’s done. I’m through. The fourth Molly book, the final entry in the Bern Saga, is off to the presses. This has been the most unreal challenge I’ve ever tackled as a writer, and I can’t believe how satisfied (overjoyed, even) I am with the results. This is easily the best Molly book of… more


Kimber An is the awesome book reviewer/blogger behind Enduring Romance, a site that reviewed the first Molly book and Half Way Home very favorably. I haven’t read Sugar Rush yet, but if it’s anything like her awesome reviews, it needs to be checked out. A huge congrats to Kimber. Like me, she found the act… more


Enjoy. more


This is simply amazing: the world’s tiniest stop-motion film shot with a cell phone and a magnifying rig. And it isn’t all techno-wizardry. The animation and story are awesome as well. Enjoy. Brilliant, eh? Now, to really be blown away, watch the making of: more


You guys and gals know me … it won’t be the last. Click here for the full spread (sans back text). more