I apologize in advance to my friends at NASA, who are eagerly anticipating the results of my research. Many of them have taken an interest in what I’m doing, but I believe they are going to be surprised to discover something. I know I was. Molly’s story is about people and relationships, not about gadgets… more


I have fans! Who knew? I would like to thank the two sharp-dressed gentlemen that stopped by this evening. I really wish I could remember what agency you were from, all I recall is your badges looked like tricky Scrabble racks. I’m extremely honored that you found my blog and took an interest in my… more


One of the things I try to avoid thinking about is that I’m putting together a puzzle whose pieces haven’t even been created yet. I can’t help but believe in this story, that it has already happened. Then a date will remind me: I’m sorting through the future. The big joke here is that I… more


I spent the first few weeks reading, non-stop. I didn’t concern myself with photos and diagrams at first. I was too absorbed digging through a mystery that spanned the entire Milky Way. Slowly, I branched away from the text to learn my way around The Reader. The search functions have opened a lot of doors,… more


I’m not an inherently manic person, but I have become one over the past six months. Ever since I was visited by a strange woman who introduced herself as the Bern Seer and gave me what she called “The Reader.” I’ll talk more about this meeting later, it’s hard to know in what order this… more