I promised myself I wouldn’t look. It’s like driving down the highway, in a major traffic-jam, and promising you won’t rubber-neck. I’ll have my wife read them first, inoculating me against the negative. I’ll wait to hear from someone else. Impossible. Even though I know it might be a grisly sight, I can’t turn away.… more


This week’s review is a 4-star one from Mark, who is a voracious and discerning reader. I’ve been eagerly anticipating his opinion of the book and was quite pleased to hear what he came up with. “Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue is the first book from author Hugh Howey and as far as first… more


I’d love to have so many reviews come in that I can feature one each week. And I hope they’re all as glowing as this one from Wade: What Howey has done here is create a story so complex in nature, yet so well-contained that it is enjoyable on many levels. This feeling echoes throughout… more


Daniel Suarez’s Daemon is an amazing story. And I’m not talking about the actual plot; for that, the word “Amazing” would not suffice. No, I am referring to the incredible series of events which are leading up to its publication and release on January 8th. After writing Daemon back in 2004, Suarez faced the uphill… more


One of the first people (outside of my family) to read my manuscript was a creature I only knew as “Lizard” via the DreaminDemon forums. She heard I’d written a book. I heard back that she was an editor. She got a copy of the rough draft. I got back a work with a higher… more


I am a huge geek for books and roller coasters, but I shy away from comparing the two. For one thing, if you get off of a great thrill ride and scream to the people waiting in line, “MAN! That was just like a great book!”, most of them are probably going to file out… more


Meet my new favorite thing: The MAXXUM from SwissGear by Wenger Computer Backpack in Red: Yeah, it’s a mouthful. But this pack has plenty of room for it all. And it makes shouldering an uncomfortable burden — well — comfortable! How did I come to own such a remarkable portable storage containment unit? It took… more


With The Monster of Florence, Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi take the genre of True Crime to an entirely new level. In fact, they take the genre to a new genre. Meta-True-Crime, perhaps? If there is a Fourth Wall for non-fiction, this book smashes right through it. In fiction the Fourth Wall is what separates… more


I am literally checking over my shoulder as I write this review in my unlit office. If my wife were to sneak up behind me right now and “boo” me, it would be grounds for divorce. We just got through watching Quarantine in our pitch-black living room and we both feel like we’ve lost a… more


So, this is supposed to be the biggest thing since Titanic. My apologies to the fanboys, but I see this one going about as well as the maiden voyage from Cameron’s other blockbuster. In spots, the CGI looks great. At least as good as Crysis and almost up there with what I just saw from… more