As much as I love writing fiction (and don’t worry, I’m not going to stop), these are the books I’ve always dreamed of writing. Literally. Before I wrote my first novel, I daydreamed about taking everything I was learning about myself, and all the nonfiction reading I do, and distilling it down into digestible bits… more


A few days ago, I offered for conflicted Christians a saner interpretation of biblical passages on homosexuality. Rather than argue from outside the religion and just demand change, I took a step inside and showed how rules against homosexuality can be more easily lumped in with biblical-era procreation and survival rules than with the rules… more


A decade ago, renowned linguist Steven Pinker wrote one of the most important popular science books of modern times. Entitled, THE BLANK SLATE, it outlined the all too common fallacy most humans operate under: namely that they are born as empty canvases on which experience and environment sketch their fates. The Nature vs. Nurture argument,… more


Welcome to my first ever Movie Trailer Premise Review. Due to a confluence of recent events (ticket prices are going up/banks are no longer lending) I can no longer afford to review actual films. So, I’ve decided to watch TV trailers for upcoming titles and review the premise of these movies instead. Today we’ll be… more


Don’t forget: these are future fiction stories. I’ve watched the video several times now, and the movement is so uniquely human that I find myself empathizing with the robot. How weird is that? Watch it one more time and tell me if you don’t feel a tinge of emotion when the unit is shoved, and… more


I’ve had an interesting series of conversations recently with people that are coming down hard on capitalism. The argument was that this evil system of economics is directly responsible for the current global economic downturn.* There’s two things interesting about this argument. First, none of the people I spoke with seemed to understand what the… more


The rumors have been swirling for most of this year: Barnes and Noble has an ebook coming. With a massive catalog of digital books at their disposal, and market share evaporating (and condensing around Amazon), they needed to do something. What they’ve done is re-imagined the e-reader while the devices are still in their infancy.… more


I love the story of Srinivasa Iyengar Ramanujan, the Indian genius who taught himself mathematics and went on to create sublime proofs, capturing the attention of the world’s greatest mathematical thinkers. One-in-a-million prodigies like this seem to be sprinkled throughout time and geography, their distribution as random as it is sure. Just as a few… more


The Star Trek Communicator became the Nokia RAZR, yet people still mock sci-fi for being too “out there.” What makes us uncomfortable in fiction soon becomes a necessary crutch in real life. I found out yesterday that a friend of mine is having his knees replaced. I wasn’t surprised, just asked how long the re-hab… more


I’m writing the Molly Fyde series with readers of all ages in mind, but I really get excited thinking about the young adults that might pick up these books. Science fiction has always been tops for posing tricky ethical dilemmas, some of them just around the corner. As much as I enjoy positive reviews and… more