“Life isn’t fair,” my mom used to say, defusing whatever injustice I was whining about at the time. It’s the perfect conversation ender between parent and child. My mom wasn’t disagreeing with my perceived slight; she was calmly letting me know that all of life was like this. Don’t complain. Get used to it. Suck… more


There’s a dangerous meme in the publishing world that says self-publishing was easier in 2009 and is much harder today. But nothing could be further from the truth. The exact opposite is the case. Self-publishing was nearly impossible then, and it’s incredibly simple now. In fact, it’s never been easier. The hardest part of self-publishing, you see,… more


Privacy and capitalism both need to come to an end. Both will come to an end, if we’re lucky. Which should piss off just about everyone reading this. Those on the right will scream that capitalism is the best thing that ever happened to us, while agreeing that cops should perhaps bust down more doors and invade… more


In case you’ve been out of the loop, Amazon has opened a physical bookstore in Seattle. Yeah, a physical store from the online giant. It’s not your typical bookstore, though. For one thing, there are no set prices on titles. Rather, the price of the book is tied to the ever-fluctuating price at the online store.… more


Everything is different here. They drive on the wrong side of the road. The clutch is where it should be, but I’m sitting in the right hand side of the car, driving on the left hand side of the yellow line, traffic whizzing by. The gear shift is on my left. So is she. The… more


I’ve had a few Twitter followers ask me to update them when new releases come out. Guess what? Amazon has this figured out for us. They’ve got a new “Follow” feature they’ve been rolling out the past few weeks, and it seriously rocks. When authors release new titles, we are now given the ability to… more


Gonna be at SDCC? Here’s where to find me: Thursday, 11am, Inkshares panel on publishing with the legendary Gary Whitta Friday, 1pm, a panel on adaptations with Nicole Perlman, Gary Whitta, and Jimmy Palmiotti in Room 29AB Friday, 2:45pm, book signing at booth AA18 Saturday, 2pm, book signing at Random House booth #1520   more


I was a handful as a child. My mother raised three of us on her own, often working three jobs, and I didn’t make it terribly easy on her. Even before my parents divorced, I was a lot to wrangle. But when I was four years old and still sucking my blankie, my mom had… more


Last night was a long time coming. After watching the setback of Prop 8 in California (the appeal is probably heading to the Supreme Court), the legalization of  same-sex marriage in New York feels like another jittery step forward in the march of ethical progress. It feels like the issue of gay rights, a movement that began… more


Is it a sign of Molly’s rise to stardom? Or is it the inevitable fate of any WordPress site that tries to make the site friendly to commenters? YES! We get one or two of these comments a day with links to pharmaceuticals and Nigerians in dire straits. So, I’m gonna try a new system… more