I’m ordering the first batch right now, and the Amazon page should be up in a week or so. If you want a signed copy of the first edition, pre-order soon so I’ll know how many of these bad boys to buy! For readers outside the US, please email me so we can work out… more


The last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. A flurry of good news on the book front has been accompanied by a sudden surge in artwork from readers. A recent post summarized these contributions, several of which will be used for upcoming book covers. And then last week, a nuclear blast of awesomeness hit… more


The world won’t end on April 19th, 2012, but you’ll be able to read about it. That’s my target date for First Shift – Legacy, book 6 in the Silo Series. I just finished what I believe is my sixth revision. There will be one or two more passes as I incorporate findings from beta… more


I’m thinking of commissioning an audiobook version of the WOOL Omnibus. That means choosing a narrator. There’s a ton to choose from, and I have to say, it’s a lot of fun browsing human voices. Does this link work? If so, dive in and give me your feedback. more


Check out that word count! Over 42,000 words in Wool 6 – Legacy (the title keeps changing). All the chapters are in place, it just needs some heavy revisions. Another week or so and I’ll get it in the hands of editors and beta readers and we’ll see if it’s publishable or if I need… more


My wife and I were in the mood for a film this weekend. We used to go to the theater regularly but have weaned ourselves down to: almost never. I’m not sure if it’s the chatty patrons, the cost, or the nice TV we have at home now or what. We just don’t go. This… more


Couldn’t resist the knitting term. Okay, a movie/TV option is getting more and more likely. That doesn’t mean WOOL will actually be made into anything (99.99% chance that it doesn’t), but it’s getting real enough to dream up a cast. Based on your feedback and my own ideas, here’s who I have as my all-star… more


This was an awesome interview. I loved the questions Cole came up with. Go check it out, and keep an eye on his artwork section. I think he’s gonna have some stuff up there soon. I’m talking with him about commissioning a WOOL piece. Oh, and he’s going to have a booth at this year’s… more


Tonight I’ll be talking to my film co-agent, who I think is going to shop WOOL around to studios and production companies. (I suppose I’ll know more about this *after* we talk). This and the offer from the BBC has me wondering just what sort of film or TV show anyone would expect to make… more


FIRST SHIFT: LEGACY is really taking shape. I’m thinking two more weeks and I’ll have a final draft together. It should end up being somewhere between WOOLs 3 and 4 in length (around 30,000 to 40,000 words). What stinks is how many hours I have to put into this just to hear you kids say… more