First Shift: Legacy A Silo Story by Hugh Howey **** more


Today only. Even if you have the Omnibus, you might as well snatch a copy. And tell your friends. Shout it to the world. more


I had a very gushing mention on Boing Boing’s podcast yesterday. The entire chat is worth a listen, but if you want to hear the WOOL bits over and over, check the 20:00 spot. The show’s guest goes on and on about WOOL. Very cool. Also: I’m bouncing in a couple of days. Off… more


I have yet to read any of the great books by George R. R. Martin. Nor any of the shitty ones, apparently. I have read a ton of reviews for A Dance With Dragons, his fifth book. The book mostly interested me because it shows up in science fiction, my domain. But it clearly isn’t… more


And no, it’s not a therapy group for people with paranoid schizophrenia, or anything like that. It’s a GoodReads group called Apocalypse Whenever! I know some of you have had troubles with my forums, and you’re dying to discuss the WOOL series. Well, until I straighten things out, this is a great place to discuss… more


I’ve only got a few designs up so far, but rest assured that more are coming: A few notes about the shirts: #1: I don’t make a penny from these. I chose the lowest price CafePress would allow, which is the cost of the shirt plus printing. #2: There’s printing on the back of… more


Okay, not really my first piece of fan e-mail, but the first that I’m posting. If you kids dig the feature, I’ll post some more. And yeah, I’m getting permission to do this, and I’ll do the same in the future. ________________________________ Hugh Howey! My name is CENSORED and I’m currently deployed onboard USS The… more


So . . . you just finished WOOL 5 or the OMNIBUS EDITION, you’re still out of breath and a little dizzy from the wild ride, but you want the next WOOL book. Where is it and how much and please give it to me now, right? Have no fear, I’m working on it. On… more


Is it Friday? Really? The entire week has felt like one Friday after the other. My first week as an author is drawing to a close, and it has been amazing. I’m sleeping in until 6:00, getting a full night of rest, relaxing (a little) in the evenings, and writing during the day. I may… more


Say it. WOOL OMNIBUS. Damn, that sounds nice. I hope they look nice. I’ll be holding them in my hand in just a few hours. The box has been here since 10 this morning, which demonstrates my ample reserve of willpower. Come back around 8:30 for a bit of pre-chat. The unboxing will take place… more