Is it Friday? Really? The entire week has felt like one Friday after the other. My first week as an author is drawing to a close, and it has been amazing. I’m sleeping in until 6:00, getting a full night of rest, relaxing (a little) in the evenings, and writing during the day. I may… more


Say it. WOOL OMNIBUS. Damn, that sounds nice. I hope they look nice. I’ll be holding them in my hand in just a few hours. The box has been here since 10 this morning, which demonstrates my ample reserve of willpower. Come back around 8:30 for a bit of pre-chat. The unboxing will take place… more


Here’s a snippet of my talk yesterday at the Friends of the Library annual event in Monroe, N.C.: And me opening the proof copies of WOOL 5 live on uStream. Tomorrow at 9:00 EST / 6:00 PST, I’ll be opening the WOOL OMNIBUS live on uStream. Be sure to tune in. I’ll be… more


So, I woke up this morning to find yet another email from a TV channel comprised of three letters. They want to talk with me this week, on the phone, about turning WOOL into a TV show. On the inside, I’m freaking out a little. On the outside, I just wet myself. more


These are my favorite days, these days when a new project is released into the wild. It’s killing me to be at work-work and not home to savor every Tweet, FB comment, review, ranking, etc. My mind is simply blown at how many of you seemed to have been waiting for this story. Ten hours… more


Today’s “Fun With Numbers” is brought to you by my least ardent fans, the ones who complain about my publishing model and think I’m somehow ripping them off (the ones who don’t visit my website and who won’t see any of this). I’ve blogged at length about the numerous benefits the Wool series brings to… more


Props to you if you know what campy mega-hit SF film that line is from. WOOL 5 is out. Here’s the link. Enjoy. more


WOOL 5 is damn near perfect. I’ll probably be ordering proof copies today, and nothing’s stopping me from uploading to the Kindle store and getting that process started. I’m just waiting to hear back from some additional beta readers, and then I’m good to go. So weigh in. Should I bump the date up a… more


So, you may have noticed the word count bar twitching all over the place lately. That, readers, is the pulse of revisions. I’ve been through the manuscript three times over the past five days, once each with a series of corrections from three editors/beta readers. The feedback so far has been extremely helpful, and I… more


…it’s just the only one that doesn’t make you throw up in your mouth. Here’s the story: I love me some Amazon reviews. I suffer from chronic self-doubt, so a positive review gives me the boost I need to keep writing (hint, hint). When the WOOL reviews hit the 80s, I started dreaming of that… more