WOOL 5 is coming right along. I have at least three more passes to make, but I should have them done over the next week and a half. That leaves plenty of time to format the story for Kindle and print editions. I will say this about the swelling size of each entry: it makes… more


We are legion. We are print-on-demand. Link for non-whippersnappers. more


Wow. Talk about a crazy writing schedule. For the last two weeks or so, I’ve been getting up at 4, sometimes 3 in the morning to start writing. I’ve been writing on my lunch breaks, writing when I get home from work, all to get the awesomeness that is WOOL 5 out of my head… more


Stitching and Bitching with me today is Lyn Perry of ResAliens fame. Lyn is the publisher of ResAliens Press and the editor of Residential Aliens, a quality zine of speculative fiction (with some of the best cover art I’ve seen anywhere. You should check it out). As Lyn starts asking his first question, I notice… more


Did you arrive here after googling for Wool 5? Just finished tearing through Wool 1 through 4? I promise, the wait won’t be long (can’t guarantee it won’t be agonizing, though). UPDATE: WOOL 5 has been uploaded to the Kindle store! Should show up in 12-24 hours (sometime on the 26th of January!) UPDATE #2:… more


. . . and not cut out to be, I don’t think. So here’s when you know you aren’t famous: It’s when you start getting fan emails and tweets and you have to read every single one to your wife. Twice. It’s when you’re geeking out more from receiving the email than your “fan” probably… more


Here’s a Wool 5 update for all you eager devourers of books: I’m 80-85% done with the draft, which means I’m about to abandon the story so close to its conclusion and go back to the beginning to start revising. Why in the world do I do this? I have no idea. I’ve been doing… more


This upcoming weekend is going to herald the arrival of this website’s first weekly “Saturday Stitch and Bitch.” This is where I answer your questions and leave you in stitches, and you people bitch about release dates and stare at word count bars that don’t seem to ever move fast enough (Wool 5 is coming,… more


For all of you who aren’t Facebook friends with me, you missed a hot mess tonight as I wrestled with the cover art for WOOL 5. Wowsers. I’ve seen better stuff on those napkins people leave under glass tabletops in seedy bars. This was more like what your kid doodles on the splatter menus with… more


Here’s a jolt of crazy to start my Monday. A top Amazon SF writer wrote a piece on his blog this morning about how my experiment of cheap, high-quality serialized fiction harkens back to the golden age of sci-fi. Peter Cawdron wonders if I’ve stumbled onto a new model, a blueprint for the next era… more