I recently had someone ask me via Facebook how I dealt with those days when I just didn’t feel like writing. They wanted to know if this even happened to me, and if so, what do I do to get over it? I don’t listen to music while I write, but I do listen to… more


Some more thinking-out-loud about subscription service models and the book industry. I’ve blogged about this numerous times in the past, but years go by and your thought process changes and more data rolls in. This was my blog post when Kindle Unlimited was unveiled. A few things I said at the time: I doubted a model like… more


The first two of these flipbooks came in last week, and I unboxed them here. Just got the latest two in, and the video is below. I LOVE how these things came out. The matte covers are sweet. And the pagination looks great. This has been a really fun project, and a commenter on Twitter… more


It’ll be fun to tell our kids where we were when KU 1.0 turned into KU 2.0. We’ll tell them how in the aftermath we roasted rats and pigeons over upturned and burning cars. How we tended to the wounded, finishing off those we knew would not make it. How we drank our own urine in… more


I assumed six months ago that the KU payout terms would eventually change. I wasn’t sure if Amazon would go with a pay-by-page scheme or something that put works in tiers by length, but many observers knew this was a question of “when” and not “if.” Despite the overblown and horribly researched coverage in the wider… more


Bella Andre and I were sitting together at a book convention once, gabbing about shoes and handbags, when an author came up and asked what we thought about their book cover. Funny they should ask the two of us, because Bella is one of the absolute best authors in the multi-verse at putting together her… more


UPDATE: The TwinPacks are now available! Vol 1 is right here. And here is Vol 2. First unboxing video in a while. A load of foreign editions arrived at my mom’s place here in the mountains, and proof copies of a special little project I’ve been working on. I also want to welcome everyone to… more


I recently shared an email from a middle grade author finding success with self-publishing. Now here’s a story of how non fiction can be inspired by self-publishing and take a non-traditional route. You often hear that non-fiction would suffer without a publisher to provide an advance. But what author really gets a yearly salary simply… more


It is often said that only a handful of genres can provide success with self-publishing. Looking at the sources these pronouncements come from, it’s easy to see that this is more hope and crossed fingers than any expert analysis. The financial incentives offered by self-publishing are similar across all types of books. The creative freedoms and… more


Imagine putting your writing career in the hands of people this dense. Over at Melville House, a publisher normally known for praising Amazon and being rational and objective about Amazon’s decisions and how they affect the industry at large, the news that Amazon will now pay KU borrows on a page-read basis has led to this… more