Has it been a full year since KU debuted? It feels like longer. And yet, the year seems to have flown right by. Weird how that works. With another June coming and going, we enter KU 2.0. Starting in July, payouts for Kindle Unlimited authors will be based on pages read, not whether or not… more


Well, here we are. Just a few years after lamenting the lack of coverage of the growing self-publishing market, readers have pushed that growth high enough that it can no longer be ignored. The Bookseller has a write-up about the size of this market, and FutureBook is doing their Friday Twitter chat on the same… more


There was a discussion recently in one of my Facebook groups about a possible BookBub for indies. If you don’t know of the service, BookBub has a massive mailing list of readers, and their daily blasts move a TON of titles. Subscribers sign up for their preferred genres and are then notified when books they might enjoy… more


Two books every nature-love MUST read: Nature Wars by Jim Sterba. An incredible look at how nature and man have encroached on one another. The New Wild by Fred Pearce. I rarely recommend a book whose ebook cost more than $9.99. Get this one from the library if you can. Or wait for the price… more


Does it seem like more and more athletes are missing more and more of their careers? Pitchers are pitching less games and fewer innings per outing, and yet everyone needs Tommy John surgery to repair their elbows. The NBA has been hammered the last few years with injuries to superstars. The threat of injury has… more


It’s the bane of hikers, the false summit. You’re staggering up the trail, or a rocky ridgeline, and you’ve been eyeing the peak for hours, only to reach that spot and see that the trail keeps rising, that the rest of the mountain was simply occluded from view. So you march toward the next peak,… more


Today is my first day back in the States for six weeks. It’s a testament to how wonderfully jetlagged I am that I’ve been up since 3am, working. The Pot Luck is all about not knowing what you might get, just that it’ll be signed and stamped. But those of you who made requests, we’re… more


I hate airports. I love flying, though. I mean, I stare out the window and marvel and think of all the dreamers in history who wanted to soar like a bird and see the earth from above, and here I am doing it with a pack of peanuts and a plastic cup of room temperature… more


A new short story just went live. Funny how I feel bad charging 99 cents for something that took a little over a week to put together. Is it worth a dollar from the reader for the 10 minutes it takes to get through the story? I don’t know. I can only leave the guitar case… more


I couldn’t wait to own my first house. I mean, I literally couldn’t wait. The closing date was still a week away, but I was already over at my future home on Taft St. in Hollywood, leveling a plot of soil in the back yard, spreading sand, and installing pavers. There was a covered arbor… more