Erin Latimer: My audience is mainly teens…okay, it’s pretty much all teens. And the thing is, most of them don’t have credit cards. They’re not allowed buying stuff on the internet. So…how do I sell them books? I’m a little nervous I’m going to get to my launch date in September and my book is… more


Dear Mother, How are you? Wish you could see this place. I’m at the tip of Africa, this mother continent from which we came, and I’m thinking of you. The sea here is rough, the coastline a jumble of rock and stone. The waves pound and pound without ever giving up, and you marvel that… more


One of my best friends here in South Africa took me kite surfing today. He warned me it would take a few lessons to get the hang of it. The first place we went, the winds were too choppy. The kite was backing and then filling with air and lifting him off the sand. So… more


The Cape Town Meet-Up is happening! It’ll be on Thursday, May 21st, at 5:30pm at Book Lounge. They’re at 71 Roeland St. Here’s their website. Refreshments for half an hour, a meet-and-greet, and then a discussion with a local author, followed by a book signing. Hope to see you there! more


This question comes from Tom, over on Facebook. I started typing a reply, and as is my wont, a quick reply turned into a blog post. Tom: As a voracious ebook reader, Hugh, I’m curious about author income per sale across different vendors. For example if an imaginary author’s ebook is available from Amazon, B&N,… more


Three years ago, I was faced with a decision. A very difficult decision. The WOOL OMNIBUS was selling well enough for me to quit my day job and make a go of it as a full-time author, while at the same time, major publishers were making incredible offers for the rights to my book. Six-figure offers… more


Or so Amber has dubbed it. We’re two weeks away from closing down orders. Every item will get one of these stamps, as well as my signature, and Amber’s DNA from the shipping and handling. Pretty exciting. Click here to grab one of the last 100 or so items available. Or watch the videos below… more


I was reading the new Steve Jobs biography last week, and the author briefly touched on the roll-out of the iTunes store. Prior to the launch of the store, iTunes was just another place to organize songs, most of them no doubt stolen via Napster, which was terrorizing studios at the time. Even with a promise… more


UPDATE! The first two books are currently on sale for 99 cents. For one week only! This is a very special release day for me. It was nearly two years ago that John Joseph Adams and I had lunch in Chicago and he told me about his idea for a 3-part anthology or “Triptych.” Each… more


Technological breakthroughs are a lot like falling in love. The more you pine for a particular object of your desire, the more elusive it seems. Meanwhile, when you’re least expecting it, some stranger sneaks right up on you. Before you know it, you can’t live without them. Over the past century, there have been a handful of major… more