Could this have gone any better?!

I don’t think it could. David Hasselhoff, eat your heart out — Deutschland has a new star.


What delightful frolicking :)

That’s the word I was looking for!

Das ist fabelhaft!…what is it like being an internationally famous autor? :)

Whose that handsome guy walking down the hall not looking at the camera?

Wish to God I knew what they were saying?

Hi Howie. We’re fans of yours. My startup is transforming Hollywood’s best unproduced screenplays into ebook novellas. I couldn’t find another means to contact you so writing you here in the comments section. I know that you’re busy but humbly seek your wisdom as we roll out.

Thank you,

I love it! Way to go Hugh! It’s funny hearing all the German and then randomly words like eBooks :)

Love it! They put that together very well, didn’t they?

Ausgezeichnet! Why were you leaping through the park? LOL! Gratuliere!

It must feel surreal . . .

Hey Hugh, thanks for reminding me how little German i understand after studying it 8 years in school :)) Otherwise, ja ja, sehr gut :D