Everyday I’m Shufflin’


Oooooo… Pirrdy!

LOVE IT! This could be a movie poster!

Thanks, both of you! I just tweaked it and uploaded a new version. The skull is higher, my name is bigger, and the antennae was moved from one tower to the other, to highlight that there’s a building behind there.

That’s the WTC, btw, which is the anger I’ll be funneling into the story.

Yeah, I thought that was the WTC. This one will take place completely in NY, then? This book will be so interesting and unlike anything else out there (to my knowledge at least).

Yup. NYC. I’m off tomorrow for some “research.”

Excellent cover!

Thank you. Now I just have to stuff it full of words. :)

Ooh! *excited gibberish*

I really like the look of fonts on this one! (I have the different versions all over my laptop atm)

Who creates all the cover art work? They are all very well done!

The skull was drawn by a friend of mine, Marianne Mason. I put the rest together.

I do most of my book covers myself. I did use a photograph from Nadia Huggins for HALF WAY HOME. And I’m glad you like them!

Awesome cover. I’m intrigued with the subject matter—zombie fan. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

Gosh. I hate to be the lone dissenting voice, but, I think it rather ‘amateurish’. To put it another way, the writing never feels ‘self-published’; the covers (all of them) I’m afraid do!

I accept that there is a fair amount of ‘subjectivity’ on all matters creative, but would humbly submit my 35 year advertising/marketing/design executive experience allows me an ‘informed’ subjectivity.

Hugh: you are a prodigious writing talent, but it doesn’t mean you can design a book cover any more than a gifted graphic designer should be expected to write a truly extraordinary piece of fiction.

On a personal note, I’d just like say how incredibly engrossing and enjoyable Wool, Molly et al are. Why aren’t you famous?!

Yeah, why am I not famous?! That’s a great question.

Well, it’s early yet. And really, how many writers are famous at all? A few dozen? Less than a hundred? It’s a lot to hope for. I fully expect to never get there at all.

I appreciate the feedback on the covers. I should probably be hiring the work out, but I just enjoy the process too damn much! :)

AWESOME cover art! This looks absolutely incredible!!!! =DDD I’m totally intrigued by it!

I still like it.

But I’m highly biased! :D

I see I’m still in the minority – hey ho! As a marketing guy though, I’d be asking what non-readers think; it’s very easy preaching to the converted ;)

Famous: hmmm, probably the wrong word. I guess what I really mean is why isn’t Hugh more widely renowned and the quality of his work more broadly acknowledged?

Johnny: I’ve only been selling well for a few months. However, I did bump into a woman in a NYC bagel shop this week who, after finding out I was writing something, called her bibliophile daughter and discovered that she was a huge fan of WOOL. So . . . I’m bumping into random people who have read my stuff. :D

Very cool! I’m doing my bit here for you in my little corner of Spain. Any chance of a ‘versión en español’ soon?! Meanwhile, I’m getting a few ex-pats hooked :)

I haven’t had any Spanish publishers contact me yet. It’d be nice to invade the EU in some native tongues. Until then, thanks for spreading the word among the foreigners!

Okay…so after reading the first 2 zombie installments I was intrigued by the premise. Now there’s a big damned moth front and center of the cover. Curiouser and curiouser.

I think I get what Johnny is saying, but the weird thing is, I can’t really point out what it is that leads me to sort of agree. I have some idea of what it is, but… I could be wrong.

I’m thinking the mediums don’t quite mesh and perhaps the balance is slightly off?