Come join me Monday Night on ShinDig. I’m hosting a free video Q&A at 8pm ET for 500 fans. We hang out for an hour, and you get to hammer me with questions! The more the merrier! RSVP now!!

6 Responses to “Join me on ShinDig!”

  1. Louise van Hine says:

    I’ll try to make it!

  2. Will Wilson says:

    Enjoyed the shindig…even if it was almost as rocky as the background. Looks to be a promising site for future events.

  3. Louise van Hine says:

    I enjoyed it too, even though I don’t webcam myself, it was great to listen to Hugh expound on a number of themes. And for those who asked all those writerly questions about whether self-publishing is for them: do it. Don’t look for money from self-publication, but you WILL find an audience! I have never regretted it myself, even though I have only made a couple of thousand dollars all told.

  4. Will Wilson says:

    Louise, Re: self publishing. I couldn’t agree more. My wife is writing/editing her backside off and so far she’s sold, maybe, 30 copies…but the joy on her face when she gets feedback from her readers is priceless. I encouraged her to do this for quite a while and I’m glad she finally took the leap. She’s doing what she loves, even if it is in addition to her ‘day’ job, and I’m loving the smile on her face!

    • Louise van Hine says:

      yes, exactly – do what brings you joy, and the joy of sharing your work with just a few people – NOW – might just be a hit story in a year, or ten years, or a hundred. The print publishing industry has a choke-hold on work by new and undiscovered writers, and I have found it practically useless to approach publishers AND agents. Nowadays I write, and people read.

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