This is totally not fair. I haven’t had my first Saskatchewan meet-up, and here I am having my third in the Big Apple. I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to do this, as my week has gone from Brittany Spears insane to Lindsey Lohan insane, a considerable bump on the Cruise-a-Meter. But I posted on FB that I’m here, and readers are threatening to leave me for Sue Grafton if I don’t complete the NYC Meet-Up Trilogy.

The only way I can make this work is to do it right here in the hotel. I’m in room number

(That was for my wife. Sorry, honey!)

I was thinking we would just meet in the lobby bar at the Hilton Hotel on 6th and 53rd. There are two of them, actually. One is called “Bridges.” The other is just tucked away in the corner of the lobby. I vote for the latter. I’m going to say 8:00 tomorrow night (the 16th). Chime in if you plan on coming or to tell me about that awesome place right around the corner that you wish we could go to and is probably super noisy and packed to the gills.

25 Responses to “New York Meet-Up #3!”

  1. Wow, I might be able to make that, if you can stand it. :)

  2. Stuart Ure says:

    When are you coming to Vancouver BC? Would love to meet up if you do!

  3. Jason Wilhoit says:

    Still waiting for Missouri Meet-Up #1

  4. Carmen says:

    Is is weird that I’m wearing a bright green shirt right now?

  5. I live and work on Long Island and CAN get in tomorrow night, and do want to meet you, but 1) I’m heading into the city after work tonight as it is for Annie, 2) I’m admittedly nervous about meeting you, and 3) Numbers 1 and 2 keep going through my head like a stock ticker.

    • 1) You are allowed unlimited visits to Manhattan. I checked.

      2) I’m just a normal dude. Who posts videos of himself dancing on the web.

      • Antthony Cross says:

        I agree with her! It is scary meeting famous people…:P I am nervous too. I am also terrible at navigating the city so I am forcing a friend [who I made read Wool!] to take the adventure with me.

  6. Jerry Yeti says:

    It’s not a hotel guests only bar is it? I hope to make it!

  7. Sheila C says:

    *waits patiently for the long awaited PA meet-up……..*

    Cause, you know, you always hear about how awesome they are! New York, bah!


  8. erin says:

    1. Love the Joke to the wife, i joke with my husband like that all the time (poor guy).
    2. I am a NY native and am sorely disappointed that I will miss you there. When are you coming to Cali? (lame, I know) You MUST!!!!

  9. Wendy Strand says:

    I can’t believe homeless people in the bar are going to get to meet you before I do.

  10. Daniel says:

    I guess since I was one of those who demanded it, I’d better come. I’ll be bringing the guy who loaned me his copy of the Omnibus.

  11. susan m says:

    Sean – he’s normal….. Eats food like a starvin’ wolf, but he’s normal… Kinda reminds you of your kid brother.

  12. So Hugh, we still locked and loaded for 8pm at the Lobby Lounge?

  13. Todd says:

    Oh man, I wish i had read this yesterday! Totally would have asked you to sign my, kindle…hmmm. Well either way, hopefully you make a run back around this way in the future. I also plan on creating some snappy fan art. Enjoy the weather!

  14. Andi says:

    Come to Santa Barbara!

  15. Just reading this at 11:30 on the 16th… we will never know if I would have jumped into the car to drive the 2 hours to Manhattan to meet a stranger in a bar (along with a lot of other strangers) but stranger things have happened. I would have explained it to my husband (also a new fan of yours who is waiting expectantly for your new episode) by saying that this guy on the Internetz posted his hotel room number, and so I…

    But it’s so cool that you do this! Take some pix and have lots of fun. Perhaps you are even now saying goodbye to some new found friends.

    And then get back home and keep writing (or noodge your editors to get moving on that new ms.) Carpe libri!

  16. Jacqui says:

    Ha Ha. Bet you didn’t think anyone from Saskatchewan was going to actually read that…. we’ll be waiting for you when you DO come up here though. Maybe leave it till summer though as ’tis a tad cold at the moment. -30 degrees Celsius where I am.

  17. Jerry Yeti says:

    “-30 degrees Celsius”

    I don’t know what that means. It almost looks like a temperature. -30 is a number like T-minus-30 to lift off.

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