The Wayfinder
  • What a Book is Worth

    There is something otherworldly about a book, something absolutely magical. This one simple container is somehow full of unlimited potential — you never know what awaits inside. What will you learn? What world will you be transported into? Whose life will you inhabit? Nonfiction books teach us new facts, but the real magic is fiction.…

  • Writing Insights Part Four: Publishing Your Book

    You’ve decided you want to be a writer. You’ve banged out a rough draft. After a dozen passes, you’re starting to think any more edits will mar its perfection. Now what? Welcome to my fourth and final(?) part of this series on writing insights, where I go over all the things I wish I’d known…

  • Writing Insights Part Three: The Revision Process

    Welcome to the third entry in my four-part series on writing insights. In the first part of this series, I listed the things I wish I’d known before aspiring to become a writer. The second entry was all about how to get through the rough draft. Now I’d like to discuss how to improve your…



Born in 1975, I fell in love with reading and with sailing at a young age. I had two dreams in life: to write a novel and to sail around the world. In 2009, I finally completed my first novel. My seventh published work, WOOL, became an international bestseller and has been translated into nearly 40 languages. My career as a writer has taken me all around the world; I’ve met amazing readers everywhere I go, and I’ve seen some extraordinary places. Now I’m embarking on a journey to complete my second dream, that of sailing around the world… more