12 Responses to “Paperback Writer!”

  1. Cleve Johnson says:

    Congrats Hugh. Must feel good to hold that book.

  2. Will Swardstrom says:

    Awesome! Just pre-ordered my copy right after I watched this video. Looking forward to re-reading it next month!

  3. TheWhistler says:

    Listened to the small sample of your audiobook on amazon sounds good.

    By the way has Bella’s standing among other dogs risen since your success?

  4. That’s wonderful, Hugh – congrats! (Hello, Bella!)

  5. Deb Robbins says:

    That is one great looking book! Very cool! Oh.. we actually do watch to see Bella. She’s adorable. :)

    Kathy Reichs is one of my heroes. She is an amazing person. Love her books, all of them. I really hope she actually read WOOL.

  6. Aaron says:

    Received an email yesterday that my Goldsboro limited edition copy was processed and on the way. 10-14 days of waiting now =/

    • Joe says:

      How do you sign up for this service? I never get shipping emails from them.

      • Aaron says:

        No idea sir. I just made my account when i placed the order. It never gave me an option to signup for email services. At least that i can remember. There are no options on my profile that i can change. Maybe just because it was a book of the month..

  7. Sasa Vukovic says:

    Aaaaaaaand pre-ordered. I’ve never pre-ordered a book before. This is exciting.

  8. Joe says:

    In case anyone here ordered the Goldsboro limited edition of Wool, a limited edition of Shift is now available for preorder.


  9. Matt K says:

    I was bummed I missed the signed copy of Wool – till I checked that site! Got a signed copy on pre-order for about 21 BP – they ship to the US!. It’ll sit nicely with my signed Shift Omnibus (insert happy dance here)

  10. Sheila C says:

    I love Bella. <3

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