For anyone who’s 2 books deep into the Molly Fyde series.

Embedding is disabled for this video, because some companies suck ass and care about DRM and other nonsense.

5 Responses to “This one still tickles me…”

  1. Deb Robbins says:

    Yep. Blocked completely, no can see. Creeps.

  2. jillconn says:

    Can’t see anything. What was it of?

  3. RrustyDawg says:

    Hmmm – Current summary of video for U.S. viewers:

    “This video contains content from Nextmedia Interactive Limited and R.T.I., one or more of whom have blocked it on copyright grounds.
    Sorry about that.”

    Party poopers!

  4. Deb Robbins says:

    It’s blocked in the US, too.

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