Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a novel. Weighing in at over 57,000 words, this should be enough WOOL to cover you from your chin to your toes. Any hesitation with charging more is gone; I worked my butt silly on this manuscript. It’s gonna be a steal at $2.99 (and there’s a PayPal button for those of you who agree).

Rather than take a break, I’m sitting down in front of Indesign to paginate the interior. This still allows me to correct the occasional typo I stumble across, but it gets me one step closer to ordering a proof. Once I’m done, it’ll be time to format the Kindle edition. I see wrapping this up by the end of this week, seeing a proof sometime next week, then having a week of watching you squirm until she’s live on Amazon.

This is a huge day, I have to tell you. Finishing the last book in a story line is a billion times more rewarding than finishing one of the middle guys. There’s a sense of completion here that is difficult to appreciate. All of the crippling expectations I place on myself are gone. I’m thrilled with the final product. Now I just get to sit back and read the bad reviews.

And the good ones, of course. I read those as well.

8 Responses to “WOOL 5 is Go for Launch”

  1. Profile photo of lyngperry lyngperry says:

    Congrats! Way to go. So rewarding to see those self-imposed deadlines met as anticipated.

  2. Profile photo of RBrumm RBrumm says:

    In case you can’t feel it I’m patting you on the back. Good job, glad it’s done. Looking forward to reading it!

  3. Profile photo of rpearce63 rpearce63 says:

    salivating… tick tock tick tock…

  4. Profile photo of anderme anderme says:

    Way to go, Hugh! I’ll gladly buy you a six pack to celebrate! (via PayPal – woo hoo!)

  5. You, sir, are a gentleman and an enabler. Kudos!

  6. Profile photo of anderme anderme says:

    Hey, any man that can dance as good as you deserves at least a six pack! 😉

  7. Profile photo of rdumas rdumas says:

    Awesome, definitely looking forward to this. I have been pimping your books to everyone I know. While waiting for 5 I have also consumed The Plagiarist and The Hurricane as well as dropped a review for Wool 1 on Amazon.

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