WOOL 5 is the 99% !!

We are legion. We are print-on-demand.

Link for non-whippersnappers.


Need a bigger photo–my ancient eyes can’t read that, whippersnapper!

Uh . . . as in: 99% completed.

(See word count bar at left)

Awesome! I can’t wait to read this… And I know a few people who feel the same. But dude, take a break for a few days and let all of this sink in before you think about anything else.

I’ll try. I have a talk to give on the 28th at a public library. It means an out-of-town trip, which should help clear my mind.

(And get me prepped for my next series!)

Bless you, child, for the link for us older folks.

Now it’s the 98%.

I expect revising to add another 1K – 2K. Gonna be very close to that 60K estimate when it’s done.

I’m surprised I didn’t find more commentary about page 99 being labeled ‘99%’ in Shift and Dust.