10 Responses to “Wool looks nervous.”

  1. Where men are men– and sheep run scared…
    Guess they don’t sort by genre…

    • Ardee Harvey says:

      Oh hehe…

      I forgot about this one/
      Believe it goes:

      (A Certain US state / you figure it out)

      Where men are men – WOMEN are MEN – and the SHEEP run scared!

      No offense to anyone-

  2. Poor Wool. Surrounded by all that man flesh! As my almost 2 year old would say, “yucky!” :)

  3. Wool is fictional beefcake. 😉

  4. William Jacques says:

    Perhaps you should have removed your shirt for the “author” picture on the jacket.

  5. travis says:

    its so people see all the shirtless guys and think “man, i bet they’re cold…….that reminds me, i want to learn how to make clothes….oh, here’s a book all about wool, perfect”

    that is seriously genius product placement.

  6. Now I am getting an image of a man half-out of his ‘cleaning’ suit, helm under one arm. With his bare chest and rippling abs, he leans on the central column of a rusted and pitted spiral stair. Arms about his waist is a buxom dark-haired beauty wearing blue coveralls.

  7. Wendy Strand says:

    I wonder if this is a result of all of the 50 shades references in articles that have also mentioned WOOL. It makes you wonder how this book store is organized. It must be very hard to find books there.

  8. “Wolf With Benefits”??!?

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