The Chicago Crew

It’s unfortunate we took the group photo as the evening was winding down–we lost a few folks before then. At any rate, here’s a sample of the guys and gals who made it to the Emerald Loop last Thursday to hang with Hugh and nom on some Irish vittles. (I highly recommend the cream of potato leek soup.)

Hugh Howey Chicago meet-up

And a big thank you to Charla Freakin’ Arabie, who–despite being hundreds of miles away down in Louisiana–bought our first round of drinks. You’re the bomb-diggity!


Here’s to Charla!

No, Hugh –You, Amber, and your fans are the bomb-diggity! And you are very welcomed! :)

Oops – just saw that Lisa posted this – so – No, Lisa — You, Amber, Hugh, and his fans are the bomb-diggity! :D

You saw “Charla Freakin’ Arabie” and thought it was HUGH? o_O

Charla, that was so thoughtful!!!