And the ‘B’ stands for ‘Badass’.

Yes, indeed, these babies are getting made. I’m going to have five extra to give away to random newsletter subscribers. If you don’t subscribe already, the form is at the top of my home page or over there to the left of this post. Each USB stick will contain WOOL, SHIFT, and DUST in both .epub and .mobi, with directions for how to load them onto your reading device.

58 Responses to “The ‘S’ in USB Stands for ‘Silo’”

  1. Awesome, pure and simple.

  2. Franklin says:

    OK… those are indeed badass…

  3. Levi says:

    So how, pray tell, do I get my hands on one of these without having to be one of the lucky 5?

  4. Wendy says:

    Those are awesome! They would go so well with my Dust release swag.

  5. Dazrin says:

    I must have one!

    Are they going to be available elsewhere?

  6. Mike says:

    Indeed, what Levi said!

    We’ll need more than just one!


  7. Annie L says:

    Dude, those are awesome. I’d want one even if they didn’t come with the books loaded on them (I already have Wool and Shift). They are just badass!

  8. Sheila C. says:


  9. Profile photo of kitten kitten says:

    So… What’s the ‘U’ stand for? Ultimate?
    Yeah, I like that one more…

    But on another note… if you are going to have 5 extra to give away… what are happening to the others? The non-extra ones that is… but anywho…


  10. Laura Davis says:

    NEED ONE! Definitely badass!! Hoping!!!

  11. Sandy S says:

    You never fail to amaze me, don’t forget to Molly Fyde this idea!

  12. Shannon says:

    Wow – these are awesome! I can’t wait to read dust…

  13. Paul Kohler says:

    Freakin’ Awesome!

  14. Brian Urso says:

    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Mouth Drops… Eyes Bulge… Holy @#%&

  15. susan mullis says:

    Yep…this is right at the top of ” gotta haves”

  16. Ruby says:

    So….can I unsubscribe and resubscribe maniacally to get multiple entries? Can I sign up as my imaginary friends using various email addresses to increase my odds? Work with me, here, man….

  17. Sean says:

    These look amaaaaazing !!!!

  18. Gerry Villa says:

    I love that they are credit card size. I would look forward to whipping that bad boy out of my wallet with a look of determined world ending urgency.

  19. Lewis says:


    What training seminar? I live a few hours away from SF. Would definitely consider making the drive.

  20. Liz says:

    So very cool. Just signed up for your newsletter. Following you on fb and Goodreads.

  21. Roshawn says:

    Those usb cards are just dripping in swagu sauce! Would love to have one (or two or three). ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Harlow Fallon says:


  23. paul says:

    Will they be available in any other way. They are seriously very cool. Well worth paying for. Costs up to and including first born son will be acceptable.

  24. Profile photo of kitten kitten says:

    Ok, so it turns out I am already subscribed… So… when was the last time you sent out one of these said newsletters?

    • I send them out around release day. People get annoyed by them if more regular, I think. Whenever I send one out, I get a few “HOW DO I UNSUBSCRIBE FROM YOUR SPAM?” emails. :)

  25. Nate says:

    The treasured promotional USB drives. And hey, even if I don’t get one, I still get the newsletter. Much more rewarding than the ads Tiger Direct seems to want to send me seven times a day.

  26. Nikki says:

    Badfreakinass indeed! If I get one that’s fabulous! If not, I’ll be reading it and owning it on multiple formats so at least the craving will be satiated even if my pure and utter obsession isn’t :)

  27. Claire L. Fishback says:

    Must have one.

  28. Charlie says:

    Drooling…will work for USB

  29. Ted Lutter says:

    That’s very near what you wrote in my signed books.

  30. Wow, that’s super cool!

  31. Marsha Bachmeier says:

    I think that is the coolest USB I’ve ever seen! :)

  32. Sam says:

    That is so F*cking AWESOME!!!!

    I want one!

  33. Nicholas says:

    I must have one.

  34. Torben says:


  35. Kuba says:

    It should have a silo number too!

  36. Karl says:

    Trying to figure a way to crash a Training Seminar…..

  37. Patrick Holt says:

    Those are sweet! Want!

  38. Carima says:

    I totally want one of those, they are awesome!!

  39. 8bitdad says:

    Very sweet. Great series.

  40. Okay, Hugh, those are too cool. I’m sure you’ve heard this classic “Fallout Shelter” song, but if you haven’t already picked it for your theme song, give it a whirl:

    Cheers. :)

  41. Kiki says:

    Super excited to read the third in this series! I also agree those USB’s are pretty cool! :)

    p.s. Write more!


  42. Margaret Buckley says:

    Those are really great! I’ll be receiving my signed copy of the book sometime later, I guess, but I always like to read them on an e-reader if I’m wandering about or reading outside. I don’t want to damage the hard copies.
    I might get the Kobo version, but not now, going through some broke days here.

    Hugh, I’m thrilled that your work is getting the recognition you deserve, and proud to have been “near” you through part of this journey.

    My best to Amber, Mollie, the puppy, and you. :)

  43. Hot damn, they are awesome looking Hughie collectables. Me wants right now. Myyy Precccciousssss.

  44. Derek says:

    These are brilliant, how do we get one in the UK

  45. Isabeau says:

    Thanks for a wonderful ride Hugh!!

  46. Roshan says:


    I was wondering if it might still be possible to buy one of these. They’re amazing, but unfortunately I discovered the series only recently.

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